Investoren helfen Projekte zu verwirklichen. Ohne Sie wäre dies nicht möglich. Diese Fragen haben viele von Ihnen
Goteo invites you to get to know projects which are looking for cofunding and other forms of collaboration. These are projects promoted by people who want to share in a free and open way the source code of what they know and plan, creating new opportunities in this way for the constant improvement of society in benefit of the commons.

In addition, through Goteo you can:

  • access diverse projects focussed, produced and/or distributed from a free and open perspective.
  • help them financially according to your means (from €5), but also collaborating through abilities or concrete resources, or helping to disseminate the projects which most motivate you.
  • benefit from the access to the collective returns specified in each case as well as possible individual rewards.
  • form part of a specialized social network with local impact and international reach from which numerous synergies and possibilities can emerge.
Projects are published organised, according to their goals, in different categories or themed sections: social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological, ecological. There is a wide variety of project - free culture, social action, free software and hardware, alternative economies, architecture, gastronomy, research, permaculture, learning...

Take your time to research the projects under campaign and choose the one which is closest to you in subject matter, geographical proximity, and kind of rewards. You'll surely find the one made just for you, one which you can become part of! If this is not the case, write us and tell us about other kinds of projects which we should help promote, or propose a project of your own :).

As well as contributing to launching a project that interests you, with your contribution you can obtain two types of return, collective and individual, which are specified in each project:

You'll be a participant in the collective returns created by the project which are are really the main point of Goteo which pursues the social profitability of the investments made via the platform - commons, which permit the reuse, remixing, new uses and values from what has been created

At the same time as seeking the viability of the projects for the promotors, Goteo also looks for the best possible benefit for the community with the objective of creating social capital and that other people can create opportunities, products and and economically sustainable services derived from the projects.

The collective returns can be: sharing knowledge and free access to source code; derivative resources or services; training through didactic manuals, workshops and/or via Internet; rough materials, files and digitizable content (e.g. a template/pattern, a design, methodology or programme) that can be replicated, reused, remixed etc.

You can also receive an individual reward which varies depending on the quantity you contribute. These rewards are exclusive and different and can be tangible (an object related to the project, a publication, a t-shirt etc.) or intangible (appearing in project credits or other high visibility spaces in the project, "premium" or advance access to contents, specially adapted services, participation in the production, private passes, invitations to parties and presentations, a share in the ownership of the project and possible benefits etc.)

Once you have chosen a project under campaign in Goteo, you have to decide on how much to contribute, according to your possibilities, interests, the kind of reward you would like to obtain, etc. The minimum contribution is 5 €.

While the other crowdfunding platforms only contemplate a single fund-raising campaign per project, in Goteo we have established two rounds of crowdfunding, of 40 days each (40+40). Thus, the contributions that fund a project can take place in any of the two rounds, throughout a sum total of 80 days.

  • First round: This is the critical crowdfunding round, when we raise funds on an "all or nothing" basis. Thus, it is crucial to achieve the budget defined as minimum by the project leaders in order to set the project in motion.. Is this minimum is not reached, the project won't obtain any of the committed funds. So, in this round, the money you commit will only be paid out from your bank account if the sum total obtained through all the contributions reaches the minimum budget by the end of the 40-day campaign.
  • 2nd round: If the minimum budget has been achieved throughout the first crowdfunding round, then the second round is launched, with the same duration - 40 days - linked to the optimum budget - which can allow the rest of project production and other tasks, related to sophistication or improvement. In this round, projects present their progress in real time, and all contributions by a co-financier are made effective, regardless of whether the optimum budget is completed or not.
If the quantity of money raised in the first round does not reach the minimum established by the project promotor and you used credit card or PayPal as payment system, as the charge was made at the moment you commit funds to the project, your donation will be returned to your bank or PayPal account at no additional cost.

In case you marked the option "Keep my donation into my Virtual Purse", or used your Virtual Purse as payment system, your money will be kept in the platform at your disposal any time you want to support any other crowdfunding campaign through Goteo, with no need to introduce your credit card or PayPal data again.

The project itself will be archived, freeing up space and visibility for other projects on the platform.

Tu monedero virtual en Goteo es una funcionalidad que hemos desarrollado para que apoyar proyectos en Goteo te resulte cada vez más sencillo. Puedes acceder a tu monedero virtual desde tu panel de usuario, en la sección Mi monedero, y funciona de la siguiente forma:

Como probablemente ya sabes, cuando apoyas a un proyecto en Goteo, este no recibe tu donación hasta que consigue llegar a su mínimo de financiación, en su primera ronda a "todo o nada". Si el proyecto no llega a su mínimo, tu donación volverá directamente a tu cuenta bancaria.
Sin embargo, cuando haces tu donación puedes marcar la opción "Quiero que mi donación, en el caso de que el proyecto no llegue a su objetivo, permanezca en mi monedero virtual Goteo". Si lo haces, en caso de que el proyecto no llegue a su objetivo mínimo y se archive la campaña, tu donación volverá a tu monedero virtual para que puedas distribuirla como quieras y destinarla a los proyectos que tú elijas, sin necesidad de volver a introducir tu información bancaria ni datos de tu cuenta PayPal.

Además, si te gusta esto de tener saldo en Goteo para poder apoyar fácilmente a proyectos en los que crees, puedes cargar tu monedero con más dinero y decidir posteriormente a qué proyectos destinarlo.

Fácil, ¿no? ;)

This could happen, if the project draws a lot of interest among its co-financiers. In this case, aside from guaranteeing the fulfilment of individual rewards, the project leader must fulfil the collective rewards they had proposed initially, in a manner equivalent to the possibilities offered by the funds raised.

Of course! You can make as many contributions to the same project as you like, throughout the 80 days that the project can be under campaign. Especially during the first round, this can be crucial in helping a project you're interested in reach the minimum budget in order to be eligible for a second round.

And, yes, if you can, we also invite you to fund different project among all the ones published on Goteo.

Whether your support has been financial, or you have collaborated or actively participated in the project's page (in any of the two funding rounds), you will receive an email to inform you whether the project has achieved its goals, or failed to do so.

In the case of a positive outcome, as a co-financier, you will receive another email, confirming that the charge has been made against your credit card. Also, if you wish so, you will receive email notifications about any update or change related to the project you are supporting.

The promotor will receive between 95,2% and 94% of the money you contribute. This due to two commissions which are deducted. One is from the Goteo Foundation, 4% for services rendered (publication and use of management tools on the platform, project promotion, consultancy on all aspects of project presentation and communication). The other is bank charges of between 0.8% and 1.4% for payment processing or 3.4% + €0.35 on payments made through PayPal.

In the case of payments with a different currency than the Euro an additional commission will be applied, both with payments through a credit card and PayPal, depending on the currency and bank.

These commissions are discounted from the sums paid to the project promotor and only in the case that the project is financed. If the project is not financed as it does not reach the minimum figure, there no costs for cofunder nor promotor.

There are three options for helping a project financially in Goteo: by credit card, PayPal, or Goteo Virtual Purse.

You can use credit card in Goteo through the secure payment system of Banco Mare Nostrum

This system is simple, easy to use and totally safe, used daily by millions of users worldwide, and with high levels of security to avoid the stealing of passwords or impersonation.

In this way neither the Fundación Goteo nor the project promoters have access to your bank details in any part of the process.

It is also possible to make contributions by Paypal, as long as the project promotor submits an enabled Paypal account. If not, contributions via PayPal won't be allowed. The Paypal system is currently disabled if the project is linked to a feeder capital call. PayPal charges a high bank fee and generates about 5% incidence of pay for each project, forcing us to limit its use.

Finally, you can choose our Goteo Virtual Purse, which allows you to use credit in our system at your disposal any time you want to support any other crowdfunding campaign through Goteo, with no need to introduce your credit card or PayPal data again.

The individual or entity that leads the project you have co-financed can only know your user name on Goteo, as well as the amount you have contributed and the individual reward you are entitled to in return.

If the project achieves its minimum funding, and therefore your contribution becomes effective, the project leader will have access to the data you have specified for the shipment of your individual reward.

For other kinds of communication, Goteo offers the capacity to send direct messages between project leaders and co-financiers, allowing one-to-one relationships to be established as much as both parties find adequate.