Fragen rund um lokale Instanzen der Plattform
Goteo pretends to be a community of communities. A distributed system of local nodes which manage the digital platform independently, but in coordination with all the other nodes. Legitimated agents, connected through interest groups, with an important social outreach and as referents in their field of action (cities, autonomous communities, etc.). A network of nodes of trust which can allow a localisation of the digital, contributing proximity and specificity, multiplying, in their territory, the impact of collective funding.

Any collective or public or private body can form a local node in a specific place or area (for the moment, only in Spain), insofar as its members share the enthusiasm and the operational capacity to attract people, projects, and sources of funding.

All this is articulated around the commons, open source, and free knowledge, in order to champion community social development by managing both the local Goteo platform and the promotion of the projects.

In order to set in motion a local node, the interested agent must:

  • Produce a small-scale study of the local context, in relation to project leaders and co-financiers.
  • Have availability of the minimum funds in order to maintain human resources and the tasks related to the management of the node.
  • Cover the corresponding part of the social investment fund to which all the nodes contribute in order to support the projects.
  • Establish a phase in order to familiarise themselves with the platform and the operation of the system.

If you are interested in organising a local Goteo node in your area, get in touch with us.

As the platform evolves, and unlike the local nodes (which aggregate projects in terms of groups of people and initiatives in a specific geographical area), in Goteo the themes and fields shared among different projects can be aggregated around small specialised virtual communities.

That is, experts in, and individuals enthusiastic about a specific subject that operate from any geographical location as influencers, counselling or promoting projects in the process of funding related to a specific field such as, for example, art, technology, education, etc.

If there isn't one, someone should found it! :) But, presently, we are just starting out, and therefore there is much work that remains to be done in this area. For the time being, we have a local node in Bilbao, and Andalusia, obviously, our main node which operates from Barcelona.