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Using Goteo for your projects enables you to have access to a new model of cofunding distributed collaboration through the network. We invite you to publicise your project and share it with a community of people who, like yourself, are interested in open and free projects which offer new opportunities for the constant improvement of society and benefit the commons.

Also, through Goteo you can:

  • Give visibility to your projects, ensuring that the community participates right from the start, bringing their collective knowledge to it.
  • Receive advice to improve the public communication of your projects: adapting them to the free and open philosophy, or to think about appropriate collective returns.
  • Have access to specific social media tools and post content to spread your work through the Internet.
  • Form part of a specialised social network, with local impact and international reach from which numerous synergies and possibilities can emerge.
Goteo is a platform in which it is possible to propose many types of projects - creative and innovative initiatives of a social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological or ecological nature, which help to build communities around them and contribute to the development of the commons, open code and/or free knowledge so as to benefit the largest possible number of people.

We're focussed on projects with an "open DNA": free culture, social action, free hardware and software, alternative economy, architecture, gastronomy, research, permaculture, learning etc. which contribute to the enrichment of the commons through collective returns thanks to free and/or open licenses (Creative Commons or GPL for example).

These are projects, therefore, that share information, knowledge, processes, results, responsibilities, benefits, digital content and other resources related to the proposals for which they are seeking help and crowdfunding.

Goteo invites you to get to know projects which are looking for cofunding and other forms of collaboration. These are projects promoted by people who want to share in a free and open way the source code of what they know and plan, creating new opportunities in this way for the constant improvement of society in benefit of the commons.

In addition, through Goteo you can:

  • access diverse projects focussed, produced and/or distributed from a free and open perspective.
  • help them financially according to your means (from €5), but also collaborating through abilities or concrete resources, or helping to disseminate the projects which most motivate you.
  • benefit from the access to the collective returns specified in each case as well as possible individual rewards.
  • form part of a specialized social network with local impact and international reach from which numerous synergies and possibilities can emerge.
Goteo is a platform for crowdfunding or collective financing (monetary contributions) and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructures, microtasks) for projects which, apart from giving individual rewards, also generate a collective return through fomenting the commons, open code and/or free knowledge. As a member of the network you can have one or various roles: presenting a project, cofunding or collaborating on one.

You can read more information about our motivations here. and if you need to clarify any of the the concepts we mention, you can check out our glossary.

Goteo pretends to be a community of communities. A distributed system of local nodes which manage the digital platform independently, but in coordination with all the other nodes. Legitimated agents, connected through interest groups, with an important social outreach and as referents in their field of action (cities, autonomous communities, etc.). A network of nodes of trust which can allow a localisation of the digital, contributing proximity and specificity, multiplying, in their territory, the impact of collective funding.

This is a really important nuance! Although there can be projects that have a high social interest (social good), orientated towards creating positive change in concrete places or communities, Goteo isn't oriented at solidarity or social initiatives if they don't clearly establish a collective return.

This means that they ensure that the project is transferable and reusable by other people and collectives (common good) according to the rights which govern free knowledge and which are usually regulated through free and open licences.

Crowdfunding is a form of cooperation between a lot of people to gather a sum of money to help in the development of a specific project.

Goteo is a new way, based on this model, to stimulate collaborative projects of an open and/or free nature. As an alternative or complement to financing from public administrations or private companies, Goteo reactivates the co-responsable role of civil society.

Goteo provides an opportunity for individuals and small organisations with non-generalist projects and with difficulties in accessing resources to get help to begin projects which will later be sustainable and durable.

Goteo can be used by any person or organisation which is searching for funding or collaboration for a project designed, produced and/or distributed in terms of free and open parameters.

There is only one indispensable requirement: you must be over 18 (if this is not the case, your project can be presented by your tutor or legal representative).

(Even though holding a bank account in Spain is no longer indispensable, if your bank account is outside Spain you must take into account the variations of income due to the currency exchange rate - if this is the case -, and the spike in service charges for international transactions, which you must cover yourself).

Any collective or public or private body can form a local node in a specific place or area (for the moment, only in Spain), insofar as its members share the enthusiasm and the operational capacity to attract people, projects, and sources of funding.

All this is articulated around the commons, open source, and free knowledge, in order to champion community social development by managing both the local Goteo platform and the promotion of the projects.

In order to set in motion a local node, the interested agent must:

  • Produce a small-scale study of the local context, in relation to project leaders and co-financiers.
  • Have availability of the minimum funds in order to maintain human resources and the tasks related to the management of the node.
  • Cover the corresponding part of the social investment fund to which all the nodes contribute in order to support the projects.
  • Establish a phase in order to familiarise themselves with the platform and the operation of the system.

If you are interested in organising a local Goteo node in your area, get in touch with us.

Projects are published organised, according to their goals, in different categories or themed sections: social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological, ecological. There is a wide variety of project - free culture, social action, free software and hardware, alternative economies, architecture, gastronomy, research, permaculture, learning...

Take your time to research the projects under campaign and choose the one which is closest to you in subject matter, geographical proximity, and kind of rewards. You'll surely find the one made just for you, one which you can become part of! If this is not the case, write us and tell us about other kinds of projects which we should help promote, or propose a project of your own :).

These are the points that differentiate Goteo from other crowdfunding platforms:

  • Commons, open and free: we promote projects working for the commons, open code and/or free knowledge, putting the accent on the public mission and favouring free culture and social development.
  • Free and/or open licences:: projects that wish to be cofunded with the help of Goteo must permit, through the use of licences, the copying, public communication, distribution, modification and/or use of part or all of each creation.
  • Collective return: Goteo seeks the social return of investments and for this reason apart from individual returns, the system is based on collective returns for the development of the commons.
  • Social investment market: We manage a feeder capital (capital riego) with contributions prom public and private institutions and businesses for co-responsible investment with a multiplying effect in projects that rely on the support of civil society.
  • Distributed collaboration: In Goteo, apart from monetary contributions, it is possible to collaborate through services, material resources, infrastructure or by participating in specific microtasks needed for the development of projects.
  • Two crowdfunding rounds of 40+40 days: There are two cofunding rounds, each with a duration of 40 days. The first is an "all or nothing" round for the minimum essential budget, while the second is for an optimum sum to carry out additional improvements.
  • Community of local nodes: Goteo is a community of communities, a network of local, independent, inter-coordinated nodes which serve to localise the digital, contextualising it.
The process consists of four differentiated phases, which every project must go through:

  1. Sign-up and detailed description
  2. Selection and, in the case of being accepted, revision
  3. Publication and two rounds of co-financing (40+40 days)
  4. Communication of results and rewards