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Goteo segments the cofunding campaign of a project into two rounds of 40 days each. For this reason, when making a budget, it's necessary to divide it specifying a minimum and an optimum:

  • The minimum budget is the capital necessary to develop the initial, critical and indispensable parts to start the project rolling.
  • The optimum budget is for the additional parts of the project, which improve or refine it (increase production, translate to different languages, offer it in different mediums etc).
This is one of the differences with other platforms and dynamics of crowdfunding that we studied when designing Goteo. We believe that is possible and necessary to go further with the relationship between micro-financers and project promotors, and that a system based on trust and transparent results could permit posterior funding rounds once significant advances had been reached in projects.
Obviously, we take our own medicine ;-) We have developed the platform from scratch in PHP. It's new code so it needed to be structured and well tested before being released, making it available progressively. Nowadays a first version has been released under an AGPL3 license. At some point we may launch a campaign about it where it will be possible to contribute with money or tasks. We're counting on everybody who has been asking about the code from day 1 of Goteo to help and improve the platform. There's still a lot to do.

Abans de res has de considerar que el crowdfunding en general és també un acte de difusió pública d'idees o projectes en potència, que d'aquesta manera es volen dur endavant amb el suport de petites aportacions a través d'Internet.

A més, Goteo promou el procomú, el codi obert i el coneixement lliure amb la filosofia que compartir al màxim el que algú crea no és incompatible amb que en pugui viure d'allò. Aspirem a generar un pol d'atracció sobre retorns col·lectius que suposin reutilització (més que plagi) de coses útils, inspiració, aprenentatge i progrés compartit per al conjunt de la societat.

Per tant, si no pots explicar què vols fer i/o no vols compartir el com mitjançant retorns col·lectius, a través de llicències lliures o obertes, potser el finançament mitjançant Goteo no sigui la millor opció.

Tu monedero virtual en Goteo es una funcionalidad que hemos desarrollado para que apoyar proyectos en Goteo te resulte cada vez más sencillo. Puedes acceder a tu monedero virtual desde tu panel de usuario, en la sección Mi monedero, y funciona de la siguiente forma:

Como probablemente ya sabes, cuando apoyas a un proyecto en Goteo, este no recibe tu donación hasta que consigue llegar a su mínimo de financiación, en su primera ronda a "todo o nada". Si el proyecto no llega a su mínimo, tu donación volverá directamente a tu cuenta bancaria.
Sin embargo, cuando haces tu donación puedes marcar la opción "Quiero que mi donación, en el caso de que el proyecto no llegue a su objetivo, permanezca en mi monedero virtual Goteo". Si lo haces, en caso de que el proyecto no llegue a su objetivo mínimo y se archive la campaña, tu donación volverá a tu monedero virtual para que puedas distribuirla como quieras y destinarla a los proyectos que tú elijas, sin necesidad de volver a introducir tu información bancaria ni datos de tu cuenta PayPal.

Además, si te gusta esto de tener saldo en Goteo para poder apoyar fácilmente a proyectos en los que crees, puedes cargar tu monedero con más dinero y decidir posteriormente a qué proyectos destinarlo.

Fácil, ¿no? ;)

You’ll notice that we ask you for some data (occasionally, personal) at different phases of your interaction with our platform - like contact information, gender, birth year, the type of organization you represent, or its legal form.

If you agree to share that information with us, we trust that you accept our Privacy Policy. However, we’d like to explain why we ask for that information, and what purpose it serves for us.

Most of that information is required when you formalize your contract as a project promoter in Goteo, and for your donation certificates when supporting campaigns seeking funding through our platform.

This information is used to create statistics that we hope will help us create better a better user experience, or to visualize the platform’s global activity - including interactions among users. This is anonymous, and not related to your Goteo identity.

Using your information to elaborate and publish open data visualizations is related to our mission as an organization, promoting the principles of the ‘opendata’ movement: generation of learning opportunities and free knowledge for society, and adding value to the purpose and impact of initiatives funded in Goteo.org

This kind of information is only transferred, when appropriate, to the promoters of the projects you support with the only purpose of satisfying the rewards distribution. Information is never transferred to other companies or entities for any kind for commercial or lucrative uses.

We strictly protect your personal data in Goteo as established in the Spanish regulation of data privacy (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos y el Reglamento de Medidas de Seguridad). The information on personal data privacy is in our Privacy Policy and in our platform’s Terms and Conditions.

This could happen, if the project draws a lot of interest among its co-financiers. In this case, aside from guaranteeing the fulfilment of individual rewards, the project leader must fulfil the collective rewards they had proposed initially, in a manner equivalent to the possibilities offered by the funds raised.

These limits are tentative and there may be exceptions, since they will be better determined with more accumulated experience:

  • The minimum amount in order for a project to be published on Goteo is around 3.000€. For smaller projects, we understand that, generally, it might not be worth the effort to maintain a funding campaign of up to 80days, or to dedicate enough resources to sustainably generate the collective reward of value for the community. Nevertheless, each project is a world unto itself, and must be analysed in detail regarding the possibility of covering its minimum costs.
  • There is no upper limit, but the person or people who lead the project must gauge their capacity for management and response carefully. Also, we need to be realistic and understand that the crowdfunding process though Goteo will develop progressively, gradually generating a community and a climate of trust which will allow us to engage with larger projects.
Of course, projects can operate or be effective in Spain or anywhere else in the world.

Nevertheless, since the intention of Goteo is to grow reinforcing the local with geographical proximity, it is possible that the final decision on publishing or not a project on the platform might depend on prioritising closer projects.

You must take into account that, if you promote a project abroad and you don't have a bank account in Spain, service charges for international transactions will be greater, and currency exchange rates will affect your income.

Collective returns, as something complementary to individual rewards are really the main point of Goteo which pursues the social profitability of the investments made via the platform.

It's about the development of common good through the creation of rewards oriented to the commons, which permit the reuse, remixing, new uses and values from what has been created. At the same time as seeking the viability of the projects for the promotors, Goteo also looks for the best possible benefit for the community with the objective of creating social capital and that other people can create opportunities, products and and economically sustainable services derived from the projects.

The collective returns can be very diverse: share knowledge and free access to source code; derivative resources or services; training through didactic manuals, workshops and/or via Internet; rough materials, files and digitizable content (e.g. a template/pattern, a design, methodology or programme) that can be replicated, reused, remixed etc.

Of course! You can make as many contributions to the same project as you like, throughout the 80 days that the project can be under campaign. Especially during the first round, this can be crucial in helping a project you're interested in reach the minimum budget in order to be eligible for a second round.

And, yes, if you can, we also invite you to fund different project among all the ones published on Goteo.

Not running a campaign, but yes, you can have various projects being edited or pending evaluation. The general rule of thumb is that what matters and what's effective is focusing on a single project. Also, bear in mind that, in Goteo, each project has two funding rounds of 40 days each, and you need to focus on them and work hard to communicate and make progress in each one of them. Also, in this initial beta stage, what we value is diversity, of ideas as much as of people and project teams, so, for the time being, you can only have one project per project leader under campaign.

We believe it can, and, at least on our behalf, there is no problem with that :). In fact, we have already had cases, and this is precisely what allows the modularity of some projects (which can have derivative and complementary products or processes, with an educational, research, marketing, cross-media or format potential, etc.)

For this reason, it is recommended to research other platforms and see what kind of projects they support. But you must take into account a calendar and break-down of the project (in phases, or in by-products) so that the two campaigns don't overlap on two different platforms, since that can create confusion and suspicion in potential co-financiers.