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Opening up the projects, making them accessible, generating useful and valuable collective rewards for the community involves effort, resources, and extra time. This is why you should bear this in mind when planning and budgeting your project.

The way to formalise the collective rewards depends on the nature of each project. If it is code, we recommend repositories such as Github. If it is the case of documents, you can share the drafts and alpha versions on a wiki or an online publishing service, or upload them via FTP to some server where they can be downloaded. If it is a video, we recommend publishing it on Vimeo or YouTube.

In general, when considering online places to work or host content related to your project, choose platforms that are as accessible and open as possible, in order to maximise their promotion and coherence with the commons. If, instead of digital (online) rewards, it is a case of physical (offline) ones, think about public spaces and try to apply the same principles of openness and accessibility.

Whether your support has been financial, or you have collaborated or actively participated in the project's page (in any of the two funding rounds), you will receive an email to inform you whether the project has achieved its goals, or failed to do so.

In the case of a positive outcome, as a co-financier, you will receive another email, confirming that the charge has been made against your credit card. Also, if you wish so, you will receive email notifications about any update or change related to the project you are supporting.

The promotor will receive between 95,2% and 94% of the money you contribute. This due to two commissions which are deducted. One is from the Goteo Foundation, 4% for services rendered (publication and use of management tools on the platform, project promotion, consultancy on all aspects of project presentation and communication). The other is bank charges of between 0.8% and 1.4% for payment processing or 3.4% + €0.35 on payments made through PayPal.

In the case of payments with a different currency than the Euro an additional commission will be applied, both with payments through a credit card and PayPal, depending on the currency and bank.

These commissions are discounted from the sums paid to the project promotor and only in the case that the project is financed. If the project is not financed as it does not reach the minimum figure, there no costs for cofunder nor promotor.

Individual rewards can be offered (or not, in Goteo they aren't obligatory) by the project promotors to cofunders in exchange for their financial contributions. They can be important to achieve the participation of the highest number and variety of cofunders possible.

These rewards can be tangible (an object related to the project, a publication, a t-shirt etc.) or intangible (appearing in project credits or other high visibility spaces in the project, "premium" or advance access to contents, specially adapted services, participation in the production, private passes, invitations to parties and presentations, a share in the ownership of the project and possible benefits etc.)

The rewards should be attractive, exclusive and original and there should be possibilities both for the small cofunder and those people or organisations who can give more. We recommend not offering too many levels of contribution and ensuring that they are clearly differentiated and scaled to facilitate the decision of the cofunder.

There are three options for helping a project financially in Goteo: by credit card, PayPal, or Goteo Virtual Purse.

You can use credit card in Goteo through the secure payment system of Banco Mare Nostrum

This system is simple, easy to use and totally safe, used daily by millions of users worldwide, and with high levels of security to avoid the stealing of passwords or impersonation.

In this way neither the Fundación Goteo nor the project promoters have access to your bank details in any part of the process.

It is also possible to make contributions by Paypal, as long as the project promotor submits an enabled Paypal account. If not, contributions via PayPal won't be allowed. The Paypal system is currently disabled if the project is linked to a feeder capital call. PayPal charges a high bank fee and generates about 5% incidence of pay for each project, forcing us to limit its use.

Finally, you can choose our Goteo Virtual Purse, which allows you to use credit in our system at your disposal any time you want to support any other crowdfunding campaign through Goteo, with no need to introduce your credit card or PayPal data again.

Rewards must be attractive for those that co-finance an initiative (e.g. access to something exclusive, or as an advantage, as indicated in the previous answer), but you must measure them well, and promise goods or services that you can offer without compromising the production capacity of your project. It is very important to bear in mind the economic resources and costs involved in their production, shipping, etc., so that we they can be incorporated in the minimum contribution you will ask for in order to proceed with the project.

In the project's sign-up formulaire, you will be able to set and define in detail the contributions related to each reward, their typology and how many units of each are offered to co-financiers. Later, when the project has achieved its funding objective, in the platform you will have access to a series of tools in order to manage shipping and make effective the individual rewards you have committed to.

In Goteo, apart from monetary contributions it is possible to ask for additional collaboration to develop your project, ranging from concrete abilities from 3rd parties (translators, testers, advisers etc.) to the loaning of material resources (transport, equipment etc.) and use of infrastructure (venus and other spaces etc.)

The collaboration is requested when registering the project but can be changed, and new requests can be made, throughout the campaign process. Think on that among your cofunders there are real talents and agents willing to accompany the project, so you need to value equally people that help you financially and those who collaborate as volunteers.

Never lose sight of the community - it is the motor behind Goteo. Every drop counts! Try to integrate collaborators in the growth process, thinking about possible collective returns, individual rewards or even shares that hadn't been initially foreseen.

The individual or entity that leads the project you have co-financed can only know your user name on Goteo, as well as the amount you have contributed and the individual reward you are entitled to in return.

If the project achieves its minimum funding, and therefore your contribution becomes effective, the project leader will have access to the data you have specified for the shipment of your individual reward.

For other kinds of communication, Goteo offers the capacity to send direct messages between project leaders and co-financiers, allowing one-to-one relationships to be established as much as both parties find adequate.

  • There might not be enough credit in the bank account associated with the card.
  • If the card is a credit card, maybe the card holder has gone beyond their monthly credit limit (this is more common towards the end of the month). The user should make sure they know their monthly credit limit and, if interested, should expand it and/or repeat their contribution.
  • It could be that the card holder has used unsupported credit cards, that is, any card that is NOT a Visa, Master Card, or Euro6000.
  • That the user has made some mistake when entering the credit card details.
  • There could have been a connection failure which could have triggered an error in the validation process between our server and the bank virtual card reader. It could be a case of a temporary connection failure for the user.
  • Maybe the user is using the Safari version 5 browser, which doesn't support https (secure) connections, and therefore
    generates an error in the kind of economic transactions that require secure connections.
    In the latter case, the solution would be to try and make the contribution using a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Explorer...)
  • The user might have closed the page in the middle of the process.
  • Once you have registered your project, it enters a selection process which takes into consideration all the projects registered up until this moment on the platform. The selection is carried out by the Goteo team in close collaboration with a community of experts in a wide range of fields.

    The process takes into account aims, theme, background; pertinence and degree of innovation (it's important that the projects taken together are the widest ecosystem possible); an estimate of the collective return it will create as well as the experience and abilities of the promotor/s.

    If considered necessary, during this process revision and advice may be given to optimise the project - about the best way to promote the initiative through Goteo or other media (mainly digital), how to configure or adapt the project to free and open philosophy (types of license, products and derivative services etc.) or what are the appropriate collective returns.

    We will get in touch no later than approximately two weeks after the registration of the project, or earlier if possible. Later, regardless of possible communication about revising and optimising the project, the reply about publishing or not publishing your project on Goteo will take no more than another week.

    As a complement to individual contributions we are creating a social investment market which we call "feeder capital", with contributions from public institutions, business and other private institutions which foment co-responsible investment in projects that rely on the support of the civil society.

    This market is nourished by distinct types of annual commitments and through specific, time-sensitive calls for projects (via pre-established formulas or through ad hoc agreements). This makes it possible to tie together in a personalized way contributions from different kinds of entities: to concrete projects, particular themes, geographic spaces, types of benefits and licenses etc.
    The investing organisms can, through this market, give wings to some of their areas of concern and their programs, in an innovative way, as well as to their political obligations and social responsibilities. In addition, they obtain other advantages such as: participating in the generation of the formation of collective knowledge and socially innovative projects, closeness and direct dialog with emerging communities, visibility and recognition linked to projects that are related to the common good etc.

    The feeder capital is administered transparently and responsibly by Fundación Goteo which gives participating entities certain tax advantages.