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Once the selection process has been completed, the projects will be published organised by their objectives, in different categories or subject matter sections: social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological or ecological (a single project can pursue various objectives and, therefore, be part of various of these sections).

Grouping projects by their objectives is a way for us to avoid disciplinary limits, in order to generate transversal synergies; to gather diverse knowledge in order to engage common objectives; to attract sponsorships and specific calls.

These themed sections have the complicity, the commitment, and the advice of expert agents, people who operate as influencers, consultants or enthusiastic informers, and who constitute Goteo's knowledge network.

In Goteo, apart from monetary contributions it is possible to contribute with your talent, contacts and other resources, ranging from concrete abilities that a project needs from 3rd parties (translators, testers, advisers etc.) to the loaning of material resources (transport, equipment etc.) and use of infrastructure (venus and other spaces etc.)

Collaboration needed in any given moment will be found on the project page. From there you can also follow the development process, add comments, queries, suggestions and enter into a dialogue with the project promotors.

While the rest of the crowdfunding platforms operate with one round of financing per project, in Goteo there are two, each one of 40 days (40+40).

  • 1st round: this is for the minimum budget you've presented: the capital necessary to develop the initial, critical and indispensable parts to start the project rolling. This is an "all or nothing" campaign - financial contributions are only transferred if the minimum budget amount is reached. If not, no financial transactions are carried out and the commitments entered into by both parts are cancelled.
  • 2nd round: if the minimum budget has been reached or surpassed in the 1st round, a second round of funding, also of 40 days, takes place for the optimum budget. This is for the additional parts of the project and those which improve or refine it. This second round can reach more people and above all allows the project to be seen working in real time, showing the development openly (something that can have direct repercussions through greater visibility and contributions). In this round, all financial contributions are transferred at the end of the round if the optimum budget has been reached or not.
Helping to promote a project online and among your contacts is a great kind of support. This way, you can help it obtain a wider outreach, go viral in communication, receive more attention and thus achieve its required budget in order to move forward.

For this purpose, on each project page you will find a section which allows you to share it on different social networks, paste a direct link wherever you want, and even a widget code, with a visual summary of what this project aims for, and its progress, which you can embed in your blog, your web-site, etc.

On the platform you can view, suggest, and, in general, establish a conversation with the project promoters about their financial needs or calls to collaboration. You can also follow and comment on the development of the full process through the updates published on the project's main site. Finally, you can also receive email notifications on any news or change related to the project you are co-financing.

During the first round at Goteo, what you do is an "all or nothing" fund-raising campaign, so if you don't reach the minimum budget in 40 days, the committed financial contributions don't become effective. The project won't be able to continue with a second round, either, and will have to be archived, yielding its space of attention on Goteo to other projects.

This is a very good sign! It means that your project is drawing interest and that there are many people willing to support it. Based on this interest, even though you have reached the optimum estimated funding, you can complete the first round and start the second round.

If you obtain a level of funding much higher than the one you estimated initially, you will need to complete the collective rewards which you initially proposed, in a manner equivalent to the possibilities offered by the new funding.

There is a contract, which is signed by both the project leader and the Goteo Foundation, through which the former commits, as sole responsible person, to complete their project in the case of it being eventually funded, and to fulfil all collective and individual commitments itemised and published on the platform.

In case of failing to fulfil these commitments, and after trying out all other means, based on trust and direct contact among all the agents involved in Goteo, legal actions can be undertaken.

Also, Goteo promotes the commons, open source and free knowledge, with the notion that sharing as much as possible what is created is not incompatible with making a living from it. We aspire to generated a pole of attraction on collective rewards which, more than plagiarism, would imply a reuse of functional things, inspiration, learning and progress, shared with the whole of society.

Each project leader has a control panel as a kind of operational centre ("My Panel"), where they can manage their project's public information, and to communicate and administer it. From this space, you can publish updates and add complementary information (texts, photos, videos, etc.), see how fund-raising and your co-financiers' contributions are progressing, and, later, publish the collective rewards and manage the shipment of individual rewards.

As you should already know, contributing on Goteo not only makes many projects that benefit us all a reality, but it's also tax-deductible! When making a contribution to a project you can deduct 25% of the amount contributed in your Income Tax return, in the case of individuals; or a 35% of the amount in the case of legal bodies through Corporate Income Tax.

And we've been busy making it even easier for you:
You can fill in or modify your details on Goteo up until December the 31st, in order to download your donation certificate for all your contributions on our platform throughout the year.

How to download the certificate:

  1. Login into Goteo.org with your user name and password
    In case you don't remember your login details, in order to recover your password you will at least need to know your user name or email address used and ask for password recovery at this link: http://goteo.org/user/recover

  2. In your user panel, go to the "My Activity / Donation Certificate" tab, or click on the following link: http://goteo.org/dashboard/activity/donor

  3. Review and, if necessary, correct your details:
    IMPORTANT: bear in mind that if these details are not correct, the certificate will have no fiscal value.
    • Name and both surnames of the individual or address of the organisation.
    • Tax ID / VAT Number
    • Address (street, city/town, postcode, country)

  4. Once your details are correct, tick the "Accept" box and then you will be able to access the "Download the certificate" button IMPORTANT: bear in mind that, once you click on "Accept", you will no longer be able to modify your details.

If you have made more than one contribution in Goteo.org, you will obtain a single certificate with the sum of all of them, and information updated to the date they were made on. The certificate is issued by the Goteo Foundation (http://fundacion.goteo.org/), the organisation which manages Goteo.org, filed in the Foundation Registry on January the 16th 2012, with number 1438, according to Bill 49/2002, December the 23rd, of Foundations and the Regulation of Foundations of State Competence. In case of any doubt or difficulty regarding donation certificates, you can contact us at: donate@goteo.org

You not only can, but you should do it. The success of your crowdfunding campaign in Goteo depends on the interest and quality of your project, but also on your capacity to effectively communicate and canvas for it, and thus attract possible co-financiers and collaborators, reaching your target audience that can benefit from your proposal as effectively as possible.

Regular updates and a dynamic, transparent, empathetic communication can be very convenient in drawing attention to your project and helping receive wider support during the two 40-day rounds.

You must have a little canvassing plan, taking into account what complementary information to contribute about yourself or your team, about the origins and virtues of the project, about the production process, etc. This information is incorporated in the "News" section through messages, articles, photos, videos, etc.

Las donaciones que realizas a través de nuestra plataforma son fiscalmente desgravables (en España), de acuerdo a la Ley 49/2002, de 23 de diciembre, de régimen fiscal de las entidades sin fines lucrativos y de los incentivos fiscales al mecenazgo.

El documento fiscalmente válido que justifica la desgravación de tus donaciones es el certificado de donación que, desde la Fundación Goteo, proporcionamos a todas las personas que apoyan a proyectos a través de nuestra plataforma. Este documento puede ser presentado ante Hacienda para que se apliquen las deducciones que recoge la Ley 49/2002, como te explicamos brevemente en esta FAQ.

A continuación, detallamos cómo puedes descargarte tu certificado de donación:

  1. Antes de nada, ten en cuenta que podrás descargar tu certificado una vez la campaña a la que has apoyado haya finalizado (no antes), y necesariamente antes de que finalice el mismo año natural (no después).

  2. Accede a Goteo.org con tu usuario/a y contraseña.
    En caso de que no recuerdes tus datos de acceso, para recuperar la contraseña necesitarás al menos saber tu nombre de acceso o el email utilizado y solicitar la recuperación a través de este enlace: http://goteo.org/user/recover

  3. Entra en la pestaña de tu panel de usuario Mi monedero/Certificado de donación

  4. Confirma tus datos fiscales y descarga tu certificado.
    RECUERDA: si tu aporte es de este mismo año, este certificado será válido para la declaración que presentarás el año que viene.

Ten en cuenta que en cuanto hagas la confirmación de los datos ya no podrás modificar esa información para ese certificado. Si estos datos no son exactos el certificado no tendrá validez fiscal.

Cuando confirmas los datos de un certificado, éste queda cerrado e inmodificable. Si, tras haber confirmado tu certificado, haces nuevas donaciones en el mismo año fiscal se genera un nuevo certificado que estará disponible y pendiente de confirmación de datos, y que podrás descargarte desde esta misma sección.

El certificado está emitido por la Fundación Goteo (http://fundacion.goteo.org/), entidad que gestiona la plataforma Goteo.org, inscrita en el Registro de Fundaciones a 16 de enero del 2012 con el número 1438, según lo dispuesto en la Ley 49/2002, de 23 de diciembre, de Fundaciones y en el Reglamento de Fundaciones de Competencia Estatal. Puedes consultar más información en: http://goteo.org/about/donations

IMPORTANTE: todas las aportaciones por las que ya hayas obtenido un certificado de donación de nuestra Fundación no se devuelven.
Esto significa que si has hecho una donación vinculada a un proyecto concreto dentro de nuestra plataforma y éste no llega a su objetivo mínimo de financiación durante su campaña, tu aporte irá a tu monedero virtual pero no volverá a tu cuenta corriente (en caso de que seleccionases la opción para que tu aporte quedase en tu monedero). Sin embargo podrás destinar ese importe desde tu monedero virtual en Goteo.org a cualquier otro proyecto activo que desees en el momento que tú elijas, sin necesidad de volver a introducir tus datos bancarios ni de PayPal. Aquí tienes más información sobre cómo funciona tu monedero virtual.

IMPORTANTE: Para las aportaciones directas a campañas que se inicien a finales de año y finalicen su primera ronda el año siguiente, TODOS los certificados se emitirán para el año siguiente. La Fundación Goteo no puede emitir certificados de donación hasta que la campaña no haya pasado a 2ª ronda (después de los primeros 40 días) y haya asegurado el 100% de la recaudación mínima.

Para cualquier duda o problema sobre el tema de certificados de donaciones puedes contactarnos en el email: donate@goteo.org